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tim wendelboe

Finca Tamana Caturron, Colombia

Finca Tamana Caturron, Colombia

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Caturron from Finca Tamana has intense herbal and fruity flavours and is one of many new cultivars planted on the farm.



Flavour Notes

Herbal, floral habanero & papaya


Elias Roa & Bellanid Sanchez




El Pital, Huila




June – August 2023

Roast Profile

Light Roast


Whole Coffee Beans


This is the third harvest of the Caturron cultivar from Finca Tamana. Caturron is a local cultivar discovered in Huila. I sent a small sample of green beans for DNA testing last year and the results suggest it is a crossing between Hibrido de Timor (Arabica x Robusta) and Bourbon or Caturra. This means it is genetically very similar to Variedad Colombia but the Caturron cultivar is both different and very uniform with distinct oblong beans and it is showing good resistance against leaf rust.

Elias and Bellanid planted this cultivar a few years back to see if it could offer a better cup quality and to my surprise the flavours were really distinct yet also a bit hard to describe. It tasted really herbal but at the same time very fruity like tropical fruits. Some of the local cuppers we showcased the coffee to thought the coffee was over-fermented or that there was something wrong with the cups, as they had never tasted a flavour profile like that in Colombia before. After tasting several different pickings and batches we quickly understood that this was a consistent flavour profile for the coffee.

I personally really enjoy the flavours and think it is kind of wild and fruity and have therefore encouraged Elias and Bellanid to plant more of it.  Early this year I cupped this coffee together with Carolyne Lane which is responsible for the coffee program at restaurant Noma. I think she found a very precise flavour descriptor for this coffee when she said it reminded her of eating habanero chili or ghost pepper. «It is both herbal and floral.»  When she said that it made so much sense and I finally had a more precise flavour descriptor for this coffee. I really hope you will enjoy this coffee.   

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