Segundo Cartuche, Ecuador

Segundo Cartuche, Ecuador

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Segundo Cartuche

As well as farming his own coffee, Juan has also recently branched out into exporting coffee from neighbouring farms. The producer of this coffee has a particularly close connection to the project however, Segundo Cartuche is the Head of Wet Processing and Coffee Drying at Hacienda La Papaya. He currently tends to a 1 hectare plot of the Typica varietal near his home, just a short drive from the main farm. Over the past year he has begun to expand his planting using Geisha, Pacamara and Sidra plants from La Papaya’s nursery, to give a total area of around 3 hectares, and hopes for a small harvest of the new varietals this summer. Segundo’s processing expertise is clear in this lot, with the floral aromas from the Typica varietal maintained, while ripe fruit character is enhanced, giving deep and rich stone fruit notes.


Jasmine, Peach and Honeydew Melon

Producer - Segundo Cartuche

Region - Lojo 

Altitude- 2000 masl

Varietal- Typica 

Process- Natural 

Harvest- 2020