Finca El Salvador, El Salvador

Finca El Salvador, El Salvador

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Cup Notes
Blackberry / Yellow Plum / Pomelo / Pineapple / Dried Prune


Long ago, the Ruffattis moved to El Salvador from Turin, Italy and started planting coffee shortly after settling in. Finca El Salvador has now been in the family for 5 generations.
The Finca is located at the top of Cerro El Aguila, on the north face of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, and the coffee is currently planted at the altitude of 1640 masl. This altitude was previously unsuitable for planting the Bourbon variety, as it was too cold, but due to the climate change, it is possible, if not necessary, to explore higher altitudes.
Over the last few years, the new generation, represented by Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle, has focused on bringing exotic varieties to the farm, and this year will mark the first harvest of Rume Sudan. SL-28 is cultivated in the nursery, and Tabi and Pink Bourbon from Colombia are to be planted next year.

The coffee is processed directly by the producer. The bulk of the coffee undergoes honey processing, with smaller volume of naturals. After some years of experiments, long fermentation (also referred to as anaerobic) is used at the farm: fermentations with both cherry and parchment, which highlight the fruity notes and acidity, are underway.