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FES Borbonera 48, El Salvador

FES Borbonera 48, El Salvador

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Another super lot from Rodolfo Ruffatti’s family farm, Finca El Salvador. The farm has been in operation for generations, and this lot in particular is special for the farm and the family - a collection of Bourbon trees planted by Ruffatti’s grandfather over 60 years ago that’s still producing beautiful cherries, something that Ruffatti believes signifies “if you take care of something it will last.” 

The trees sit at 1650masl, and once the cherries are picked they undergo a 48 hour natural process, resulting in complex, fermenty flavours with a sparkling mouthfeel. Think funky chocolate bonbons with a touch of tropical acidity. 

Ruffatti has a theory that the older trees produce more complex flavours, and maybe this is just a romantic idea, but there’s some method to the madness and we’re inclined to agree. 


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