Esmeralda, Geisha Panama

Esmeralda, Geisha Panama

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Light and elegant with fine sweetness and fresh acidity. Clear, floral with aroma of white tea, bergamot, peach, and melon. 

120 grams

Produced together with Peterson family

Quality Bonus 2270%

Variety Geisha

Altitude 1,600 masl

Harvest Calendar January - March

Process Mechanical demucilated, washed

Region Bouquete, Panama 

Price Peterson has garnered a worldwide reputation for the exceptional quality of his coffee. Hacienda La Esmeralda is a family business and is owned and run by Price together with his son and daughter, Daniel and Rachel. 

The Peterson's have an uncompromising approach when it comes to producing coffee and they take part in every process from growing the crop, to picking the cherries and processing it at their facilities.

The excellence in the cup is therefore not only achieved from the superior variety, Geisha, but also from an outstanding meticulousness and deep respect for the craft. 

When the family are not tending to their farm, they focus on using their business as a force for good and making a positive change in the local community by engaging in charity.