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Sweven Coffee

Eli Espinoza, Peru

Eli Espinoza, Peru

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Eli Espinoza, Chirinos, Peru – Natural Bourbon & Caturra

– “A tropical and luscious field blend of masterfully processed Bourbon & Caturra cultivars by young dynamic producer Eli Espinoza”. 

what to expect in the cup

Watermelon, papaya, hibiscus. Very sweet and juicy with tropical fruits complexity and elegant red florals finish.
It’s our first time purchasing from Eli as we instantly fell in love with this lot on the cupping table. In recent years, Eli has made some trials with natural processing of his coffee. After seeing that, when done well, the process can greatly alter the flavour profile of his coffee, yielding higher sales prices for higher cup scores, he has invested in a large solar dryer. This has increased his drying space capacity and it also allows him to have more control over the drying process and produce great quality natural lots alongside his washed coffees. This lot is one of the great results of this years harvest. The coffee was washed and floated in cherry to separate out underripe fruits before undergoing drying under shade for one day and then being moved to the solar drying tent where it dried slowly under controlled conditions for 45 days. The resulting cup is wonderfully juicy and sweet reminding watermelon sweets and floral papaya.
Eli is a young dynamic coffee producer and owner of 4 hectares of coffee planted land in the Alto Pirias area near the village of Las Pirias in the Chirinos district in Cajamarca region of Northern Peru. Eli has a few parcels of land spread around the village in altitudes between 1800 – 2000 masl. Some parts of his land are planted with Typica and others with Caturra & Bourbon. He has come to the area as a teenager looking for work on farms and he started picking coffee in the village. After a while he was able to buy his own land and house and started working to produce his own coffee. Eli now processes all his own coffee at his house which sits at 1800 masl and he is continuously pushing the boundaries towards improving and producing some of the best coffees in Peru.
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