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El Placer [Maragesha] Colombia

El Placer [Maragesha] Colombia

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Roast Date: May 24, 2024

A bomb of subtlety with floral, sweet and elegant notes of lavender, candied lemon and guava. Maragehsa Varieties Anaerobic Method Producer Wilder Lazo Score 88.50+

Lavender - Candied Lemon - Guava







Wilder Lazo
El Placer is a unique coffee farm located in one of the most 
popular coffee growing regions of Colombia – Quindío.
Wilder Lazo recently joined the El Placer Farms project because
he is close friends with Sebastian Ramirez and wanted to have
more direct contact with the people who roast and drink their
coffee. Because of his passion for coffee and family history in coffee
production, Wilder entered the world of coffee in a unique way.
He started not only directly with specialty coffee, but with his
knowledge of genetics and tireless energy to learn, he started a
variety program in Tocora. Today, this program includes more
than 12 different varieties, carefully selected from different
origins. Wilder is a fountain of knowledge in genetics and processes. It focuses on highlighting the true characteristics of each variety with fermentations and post-harvest processes that only accentuate the variety's own attributes.

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