El Paraiso Pink, Colombia

El Paraiso Pink, Colombia

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El Paraiso Pink is an unforgettable filter. Those flavors of peach ice tea seem unreal. On the filter you will find on a first sip note of Rose Water, then on the second sip a note of peach and a finish of Ceylon tea leaving you that impression of citrus and black tea qualities.

The producer of this unforgettable coffee is Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia. Finca El Paraiso is located in the municipality of Piendamo, Corrigimiento de Tunia, Vereda los Arados along the stretch of the Panamerican highway between Popayan and Cali. Its climate is humid with winds from the Pacific. Cherries mature slowly given El Paraiso’s elevation ; this slow maturation helps the concentration of sugars and considerably improves the cup.

The coffee has been processed through:

1. Anaerobic fermentation in cherry for 48 hours at 18 degrees Celsius in tanks with a pressure release valve.
2. Depulping
3. Second anaerobic fermentation in mucilage for 96 hours at 18 degrees Celsius
4. Thermal shock wash, first with water at 40 degrees then with water at 12
5. Controlled drying for 34 hours at 35 degrees to drop the relative humidity
from 25% to the desired level. Drying takes place in INDESTEC’s Eco-Enigma
machine throu