El Martillo, El Salvador

El Martillo, El Salvador

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Prune, Honey, Dark Chocolate



1700 masl

This coffee was a firm favourite of ours last year as very often this time of year our coffees are all fruity and floral so a total contrast in flavour profile is welcome. In steps El Martillo a stunning example of coffee from El Salvador offering a big hug of sweet rich fudge and chocolate.

We are delighted to be working with the Salaverria family who are now in their 6th generation of coffee farming. Jose works with his sons Andres and Jose the younger and now trade under the name of Jasal group.

El Martillo is a medium-sized farm owned by the Salaverria family and is 19,5 hectares and sits at about 1700 masl, which is a high altitude for El Salvador. The cultivars grown are a mix of Bourbon and Hibrido de San Francisco (a local hybrid of the dwarf bourbon Pacas and old Bourbon Elite). This honey processed coffee is just bursting with sweetness and was the main factor in us purchasing it.