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El Eden, Peru

El Eden, Peru

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Sweet, fruity, elegant.
Caramel, dried fruit, lime.
Process: Semi-anaerobic washed.
Region: Jaen, Cajamarca.

Bean type: Pure Bourbon, Yellow Caturra
Process: Semi-anaerobic washed
Region: Jaén, Cajamarca
Manufacturer: Origin Coffee Lab
Height: 1620-1920 m.a.s.l.
El Eden is produced by the Origin Coffee Lab in Jaen, Cajamarca - and is a 
'semi-anaerobic' processed coffee, which is described as follows:
"Producers immediately after harvesting, make a flotation process to clean debris
and remove floaters (low-density fruits) and do a first fermentation in plastic
bags for around 24-36 hours, then pass the coffee fruit through mechanical
depulpers and do the second fermentation in tanks for another 24-36 hours,
depending on the environmental temperature. Then, the seeds are washed and
dried until the moisture content reaches 9–11%.” The result of this gives a taste profile that is described as: “Fruity and
juicy, with notes of white flowers, red berries and distinct citrusy notes,
mostly lime juice. Aftertaste is lingering and floral, body is medium but tea
like and very elegant, so is the acidity medium well integrated, citric. Subtle
notes of tropical fruits when cooled down.”

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