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tim wendelboe

Echemo, Ethiopia

Echemo, Ethiopia

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A sweet and delicate coffee with flavours reminiscent of stone fruit, flowers and white tea.







Goma, Jimma






Whole coffee beans, organic certified by Debio NO-ØKO-01


Three years ago, Khalid built a new wet mill on his farm. He is now able to produce washed coffees whereas before we were only able to buy natural- and honey processed coffees from him. Interestingly I find his washed coffee to be much more expressive and flavourful with more of the classic citrus, stone fruit and floral flavours that is so common for the best Ethiopian coffees.

Having said that, this coffee has a slight less intense acidity compared to a lot of other washed Ethiopian coffees we have offered over the years. It is not a typical Yirgacheffe or Guji – like coffee, but that is probably because it is grown in a different area and are made up from different cultivars. The washed coffees from Echemo are very delicate and soft. I find it is like drinking a white tea with some nice notes of peach and florals.

Like many Ethiopian and Geisha coffees, this coffee can produce a bit more fines (dust) during grinding which means it might clog your paper filter when brewing filter style like V60, Kalita or similar. Hence you might experience much longer brew times. My recommendation is to not grind coarser but rather try to agitate the slurry less while brewing and let it take some more time to finish. High extractions of this coffee only makes this coffee more aromatic and sweet.

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