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Dayglow Coffee



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Notes: Pineapple, Rum, Papaya

Origin: Colombia

Farm: Invercafé

Producer: Juan Felipe Aristizabal

Region: Acevedo

Varietal: Gesha

Process: Semi Washed

Elevation: 1800 masl

Harvest: Dec 2022


This lot is called Papayo and brought to us from importer/producers Tio Canejo.  We were drawn by its boozy mouthfeel and tropical sweetness. Lots of tiki vibes that remind of orgeat and fermented pineapple (almost Tepache like) with aromas of exotic fruit. 

About the Process

After the beans are collected by the small producers from Huila, logistically it is carried to the common wet mill created by Juan Felipe in Villamaria, Caldas. These beans are received and put in a container to measure density and remove floating beans. Then, the following process is hand sorting led by women of the area whose job is to separate any bean from the ripe and overripe mass of coffee beans. The fermentation process happens for up to 72 hours. Coffee is pulped and carried to the risen sun beds for one month.


All Dayglow coffees will ship every Tuesday to ensure a fresh batch!! If there are other coffees in your order, the other items in your order will ship at the same time! 

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