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Dulce Misterio Gesha, Colombia

Dulce Misterio Gesha, Colombia

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First things first = the name of the farm that this Gesha is so lovingly named after is Dulce Misterio. This translates to “sweet mystery.” Sweet mystery… what’s the sweetest mystery you’ve known? Love? Lust? Desire? The look across the room from one knowing stranger to another as the mystery of what their shared night (read: potentially even life?) may look like. That’s a good mystery. 

But this is also a good mystery - the sweet mystery of how a cup of coffee can taste so good. 

Mauricio Duque worked for years in conventional coffee farming before having the time to invest in real high quality specialty lots. He bought a farm near Neira that sits at 1850 - 2040 masl, which through Brix Degree comparisons has crops that are unusually sweet (I guess that’s where the whole sweet mystery thing actually comes in). 

By emphasising the terroir and being conspicuous when observing processing and crop management, Duque has fulfilled his dream of producing the best of Colombian specialty. It feels like it might even be to a science in which he’s done this, but there’s still a touch of the sweet mystery in this cup. With notes of peach candy, orange blossom, and strawberry cream, this one’s for the sweet toothed amongst us. 

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