Democratic Republic of the Congo, Boza Cooperative

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Boza Cooperative

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Peach, Cherry Cola, Cinnamon Sugar Graham Cracker 

South Kivu, D.R. Congo


The Boza Cooperative is part of the Rebuild Women’s Hope organization, a 100% women-owned/operated coffee cooperative located on Idjwi Island in Lake Kivu. Founded by Marcelline Budzu in 2013, Rebuild Women’s Hope set out with a vision “to place women at the center of the integrated development of their community,” accomplishing this by empowering them with information about rights, tangible skills used to provide for themselves, and encouraging autonomy. The organization began this process by improving the quality of coffee in Idjwi; building two modern coffee washing stations (including Boza), and offering members agronomic consultation and interest-free loans that producers can repay during harvest with either cash or coffee cherry. This work has resulted in coffee of incredible quality, but more importantly, it has given women of the community an opportunity to seek empowerment and independence. 



The work of Rebuild Women’s Hope has rippled through the DRC community to empower women, while also bringing an amazing quality coffee. This lot from the Boza Cooperative is tropical, sweet, and has a depth of complexity that we love. Opening with ripe peach and a pronounced tropical acidity, the coffee evolves into sparkling cherry cola, and finishes with sweet and spiced qualities reminiscent of cinnamon sugar graham crackers. This coffee is recommended for those looking for some adventure and for those familiar with the lighter specialty profile. 


Origin // Democratic Republic of the Congo 

Region // South Kivu

Producer // Boza Cooperative

Variety // Red Bourbon, Blue Mountain

Elevation // 1,480 – 2,000 m.a.s.l. 

Process // Washed 

Flavor Notes // Peach, Cherry Cola, Tropical, Cinnamon Sugar Graham Cracker