Las Delicias, Nicaragua

Las Delicias, Nicaragua

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Flavour description: The coffee has an aroma of sherry. This is a sweet and a little boozy-floral cup, with flavour notes of papayacacao and rum raisin and a fudge-like flavour in the finish. The coffee has a medium body with a juicy texture. 

Roasted 10/6/21

Category: Adventurous
 Eleane Mierisch
 Las Delicias
Varietal: Java (Longberry)
Process: Natural 
Location: Lipululu in Jinotega region
Harvested: February 2021
Farm size:
 20 manzanas (about 13 hectares) 

Altitude: 1450-1500 masl
Roast style: Light to medium to enhance the natural flavours of the coffee. 

The Java from Las Delicias is delicate and floral, one of the prettiest most well-balanced coffees we have all year. Even after buying as much as we can, it is still very little. The owner of Las Delicias is Eleane Mierisch. Eleane is coming from a well-established coffee family that have several farms, you may have had our coffees from Limoncillo from Nicaragua and Cerro Azul from Honduras. The Mierisch family are indeed producing very diverse coffees with dozens of different varietals and trying different processing methods with accurate, thorough processing at that. With those coffees, the family has won the Cup of Excellence in Honduras and Nicaragua several times.

Las Delicias is the first farm that is Eleanes very own farm and this very coffee is just the fifth harvest coming out of there, and Drop Coffee is proud to showcase it to you for the fourth year. Here she is living out her dream profiles on coffees. At Las Delicias, Eleane is mainly growing the Java varietal. The Java is delicate and bright, but every year it gets more and more intense notes of citric and apricot. 

This Java from Las Delicias is processed as a natural, which means that the coffee beans are dried in the coffee cherries. By doing this process, the floral notes in the Java varietal are getting a boozy infusion to it and the sweetness is increased. It is a louder and more intense presentation compared to the washed processed version of the Java that we also currently have.