Gelena, Ethiopia (Red Catuai)

Gelena, Ethiopia (Red Catuai)

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Produced by Israel Degfa

Region - Yirgacheffe

Grown at 1500-1750 masl

Varietal - Red Catuai

Harvest - January 2022

Process - Natural

Ripe grape and a smooth buttery texture characterise this natural by Israel Degfa.

After working with Israel Degfa’s Gelana geisha, we are excited to share this red catuai natural from the same farm. This coffee introduces an interesting concept; conveying a smooth chocolate mouthfeel of the Brazil varietal paired with the typical juicy fruit nature of an Ethiopian.

With the ever-increasing technological advancements aiding coffee production, Israel’s team are able to use innovative techniques to control every agronomic practice through leveraging technology. Israel’s ambition to experiment with coffee varieties has helped to improve uniform growth for coffee seedlings, resulting in beautiful naturals like this red catuai.