Competicion El Paraiso , Colombia

Competicion El Paraiso , Colombia

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Diego Samuel Bermudez returns to NOMAD with Red Plum, a particular process in five stages that offers the same fragrance and flavour that astound us for the first time in 2019. A very intense and sweet fragrance of strawberry lollipop and caramelised apple, aromas of red fruits and butter remain in the mouth with bright acidity, finally, a long aftertaste that suggests wild fruits.

VARIETY: Castillo
ALTITUDE: 1700 masl
HARVEST: August 2021
TASTING NOTES: Carnival apple, Raspberry, Strawberry Lollipop

Roast Date: 01/03/2022

Villa Rosita is located in the municipality of Piendamó in the village of Tunía, road Los Arados, 2.5 km from the Pan-American Highway, between the cities of Popayán and Cali. The coffee from Villa Rosita is processed at another estate, also located in Cauca, Finca El Paraíso, at an altitude of 1930 meters above sea level. There, with the latest technology, coffee beans undergo processing. Diego Samuel Bermudez was greeted by coffee-growing 13 years ago, with more desire than resources, but with a firm conviction of knowing where he wanted to go.

Today he is still a convinced dreamer who found in coffee, alternatives and new possibilities in the processes of farming, processing, production and marketing of high-quality coffees. This lot has a process termed Red Plum by Diego Samuel, which allows a high production but aromatically weak variety, such as the Castillo variety, to stand out in the cup with clear notes of wild red fruits.

The process according to Diego Samuel is made up of five stages:

  1. Anaerobic fermentation in cherry for 48 hrs. in tanks with relief valves at 18ºC,
  2. Pulping,
  3. Anaerobic fermentation in mucilage for 48 hrs. at 20ºC.
  4. Washing with thermal shock: first with 40ºC water and then with 12ºC water,
  5. Controlled drying for 34 hrs. at 35ºC with a relative humidity of 25% until the beans reach a target humidity between 10% and 11%.