Color- Florinda Burgos

Color- Florinda Burgos

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Farm: Santa Maria

Producer: Florinda Burgos

Region: Huila- Colombia

Altitude: 1700 mals

Taste Notes: yellow peach, blueberry & vanilla

Variety: Caturra & Castillo



Colombia has been the foundation on which we’ve been able to stand and deliver our message to the specialty roasting community all over the world. A profound curiosity to explore new areas east of Nevado del Huila has opened doors for discovery and new partnerships. In northern Huila, situated between Gaitania de Planadas and Inza de Cauca, coffee trees flourish at nearly 1,800 masl. Fertile, andesite soil makes this region ideal for growing healthy Caturra and Colombia varieties. Northern Huila is known
to have one harvest period that begins in May and ends in July, where other regions of Colombia are harvesting most of the year. One could say, Colombia is always bloom- ing and each individual microclimate can be attributed it’s quality, however, it is truly the work of the producers who meticulously harvest ripe, red cherries during those months along with a refined beneficio.
We pay homage to Saul Sanmiguel, the versed General Manager of Cadefihuila and family owned Sanmiguel Colombiana Agricola, who first approached Red Fox early 2017. Sanmiguel had two advantages — impeccable timing and access to the rural municipalities of Santa Maria and Palermo. An area of Northern Huila that always had been of interest to Red Fox. The relationship with Saul and his son, Leonardo, has been seamless as we continue to work with the Sanmiguel family through discovery, while having a consensus in core values.
Florinda Burgos and her husband have been working together for 25 years, main- taining nearly 6,000 Caturra and Castillo trees. Despite being in their elder years, they work tirelessly to produce the best coffee they can. Carefully picked cherry is processed slowly, as the seed stays in the fruit for 18-hours before it is depulped then fermented for 24-hours. The Burgos family continues to strive for excellence. High quality coffee means a better life for them and their heirs.