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Colombia Santuario Wush Wush Natural

Colombia Santuario Wush Wush Natural

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【Cupping Comment】

① Flavors of ripe mango, cherry, and white peach spread in the mouth.

② Juicy acidity of apricot and plum.

③ A lingering aftertaste reminiscent of gently sipping brandy.


【Location】 Popayan, Cauca

【Farm】  Finca Santuario / Camilo Merizalde


【Varieties】 Wush Wush

【Processing】 Natural

Roast Level】  1 Light roast

Flavor】mango, cherry, white peach, apricot, plum, brandy


The Santuario Project, well-known at LiLo Coffee Roasters, is led by Camilo Merizalde. Starting in 1998 in Popayán, Cauca, Colombia, he aimed to revive "Colombian Mild" by designing a farm from scratch, creating a unique manual that ensured high quality from planting trees to harvesting and processing. He has been dedicated to producing specialty coffee.

The Santuario Project creates a unique and impactful flavor solely from the coffee's own fermentation, without using other fruits or spices (infusion). This aligns perfectly with one of the key elements cherished by LiLo Coffee Roasters: a taste that surprises you at the first sip. Many customers have claimed that tasting Santuario's coffee awakened their appreciation for specialty coffee.


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