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Colombia | Fredi Ortega • Washed Pink Bourbon

Colombia | Fredi Ortega • Washed Pink Bourbon

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Roasted: June 3rd

Fredi Ortega's farm, El Bosquesito is 1 hectare and sits at 1850 to 1910 MASL in Alto Sevilla, San Agustin. This 100% Pink Bourbon separation was harvested in December 2023. His coffee impressed us with its cleanliness and crisp acidity. We are finding flavors of mixed citrus - think lemon, lime, and grapefruit, along with mango and a soft profile of white tea and papaya.

Fredi Ortega's journey in coffee spans his entire life, starting with a gift of land from his father, Isidro. Last year marked a significant milestone as he was able to sell his first microlot, thanks to an introduction to the Monkaaba group by his cousin, Gildardo Ortega. Motivated by Gildardo and guided by Monkaaba, Fredi learned techniques to enhance the quality of his cup, now proudly producing exquisite pink bourbon. This marks our second season collaborating with Fredi's coffee, and it's an honor to deepen our relationship within the Ortega family.

Cherries are collected every 15 days, and are moved by horseback to the beneficio. The cherries are floated and left in a tiled hopper for 24 hours. The following day's collection is added, and the two-day batch is depulped together. The seeds then undergo a 32-hour dry fermentation in tiled tanks, following by rinsing and 12 hours of draining. Finally, they are moved to driers for an 18 to 20-day drying phase. 

  • Notes:

    Grapefruit, Mango, Papaya

  • Country:


  • Region:

    San Agustin | Huila

  • Varietal:

    Pink bourbon

  • Process:


  • Altitude:

    1850-1910 MASL

  • Harvest:

    December 2023

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