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New Ground

Buena Vista, Colombia

Buena Vista, Colombia

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Tasting like, Melon, Stone Fruit, and blackcurrant
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1700masl
Producer: Edier Perdomo Carlos
Region: Filo de Chillurco, Pitalito
Harvest: 23

As both an experienced farmer and cupper, what he brings to the table is quite rare. While he also cultivates the common Caturras and Colombias his specialty is his array of Bourbons and none more prominent than this pink mutation.His post-harvest process is second to none with an immaculate and inentionally well-appointed wet mill and drying facility. Edier is also one of few farmers that we know of that employs the use of Tephrosia, a short, rapidly growing, nitrogen-fixing tree.The resulting cup is light with subtle complexity and a delicate mouth-feel. It’s very more-ish.

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