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Brazil, Sitio Canaã Sumatra

Brazil, Sitio Canaã Sumatra

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Prune, Cola, Starfruit

In 2006 João Hamilton and his brother Ivan dos Santos from the Sitio Canaã farm established a collaboration with Marcos Croce from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) to work together on a sustainable method for producing coffee.

This program sets the focus on achieving the highest quality while simultaneously respecting nature and people. Today Sitio Canaã is a leading producer of top-quality coffee in Brazil. We are honoured to have had the opportunity to work with his team from 2010 and consider them our Brazilian family.

The Sumatra coffee variety at Sítio Canaã is the oldest lot on the farm and one of the first coffee fields planted in the mountainous region of the Serra do Cigano / Caconde. Its age is estimated to reach around 100 years. In the early days of coffee agriculture in the Caconde region, Sumatra was planted along with other varieties, like Catuai or Bourbon, but always stood out through its exceptional flavour in the cup.

As exceptional as the sensory profile is the care that João and his family give to the Sumatra plants. With the support of the FAF Agronomist project, they are closely monitoring the lot.

Last year's flowering was extremely uniform, which facilitated a good harvest this year. From selective harvest to drying processes on raised beds and below shadow, João treats the Sumatra coffee with great care to make this coffee even more special.

Origin: Brazil

Region: Mogiana

Producer: João Hamilton

Farm: Sitio Canaã

Varietal: Sumatra Lot 3762

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1.200–1.350 masl

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