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Bookkisa - Ethiopia

Bookkisa - Ethiopia

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Roast Date: May 30, 2024

Some things are made to last. They’re bred that way. To be strong, versatile, immune. Think of the desert camel - storing resources in its own back, able to go for days without food or water; think of the wood frog that freezes its own body to survive -80 celsius temperatures only to thaw out again in the spring… now think of the JARC coffee varietals Gibirinna 74110 and Serto 74112. These two now make up some of the most planted coffees in Ethiopia due to their resistance to the Coffee Berry Disease (the other CBD). 

This coffee comes from the group Sookoo, and is from the kebele mill Bookkisa (which it’s named after - obviously). Made up of the aforementioned JARC varietals, its cup profile is filled with milk chocolate and strawberry, with the creamy mouthfeel we all love in a naturally processed Ethiopia. 

Working from Odo Shakiso within Guji, Sookoo’s coffees are grown at 2173 masl, and represent a family’s dedication to Ethiopian coffee farming and development with the slogan “Ethiopia first, natural processing second.” 

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