Laguito, Colombia

Laguito, Colombia

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Nectarine & Vanilla.


Grown by Andres Ramirez and his son at Finca El Laguito. For this lot, the coffee was carefully hand picked and sorted by Andres' team, then transported the same day to the washing station, La Pradera. The cherries were then pulped and left to ferment under water for 78 hours inside ceramic tanks. Later, the coffee was placed inside grain pro bags for 30 additional hours at 20 degrees Celsius, which increases the concentration of Lactic acid. Afterwards, the coffee was gently washed and placed on raised beds for 14 days until ideal moisture content was achieved.By Ashenafi Woressa

Produced by Andres Ramirez

Region - Calarca, Quindio

Harvest - December 2020

Process - Washed Lactic

Variety - Caturra

Grown at 1600 - 1700 masl