Anasora, Ethiopia  (One Layer Fermentation Competition)

Anasora, Ethiopia (One Layer Fermentation Competition)

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  • PRODUCER: Israel Degfa x Nordic Approach
  • FARM: Anasora
  • REGION: Guji
  • ORIGIN: Ethiopia
  • ALTITUDE: 2,350m
  • VARIETIES: Heirloom
  • PROCESS: Natural "one layer fermentation" by Nordic Approach
  • FLAVOURS: Earl Grey, fuzzy peach candy, floral

This is our fourth and last lot from Israel Degfa for the 2019 season, and we've truly saved the best for last.

Bale Mountain, Anasora Kelloo, and Anasora Samii are beautiful examples of traditional natural and washed processed coffees from Ethiopia, but this special processing project by Nordic Approach -- single layer fermentation -- raises the bar in so many ways.

Anasora is a new washing station and project in very high altitudes in Guji. It started with a remote farm in an area where coffee is a relatively new crop. Until recently they only produced naturals, and in 2018 they completed construction of the Washing Station which included facilities for processing washed coffees too. Now they process both washed and naturals of very high scores.

For this special project, Nordic Approach built 20 drying tables at Anasora, 20 meters long and 1.5 meter wide. The synthetic mesh in the bottom has to be stretched out (as flat as possible) while being supported by a bed of wooden planks that has a minimum distance of 50cm for airflow purposes.  If the planks are too close to each other, there won't be enough airflow to dry the outer pulp uniformly enough. If the mesh is not stretched out and flat, the coffee will end up in piles, destroying the purpose of the one layer process.

Coffee is put on beds as a single layer for up to 5 days, then mixed together to create a 5cm layer and dried for another 10-15 days. The coffee is removed from tables at 11.5% moisture (which translated to 10.5 green). 

The initial "one layer" fermentation allows for drying the pulp faster than usual to decrease the level of in cherry fermentation.

The remaining days at 5cm depth are to stabilize the water activity. The temperature fluctuation in the high altitudes promotes increased acidity.

Delicate, nuanced, and exceptionally clean, this coffee is a stunning example of what careful, purposeful, and rigorous natural processing can create.