Ana Sora, Ethiopia

Ana Sora, Ethiopia

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About the coffee
Flavour profile: 
The coffee is sweet and round reminding a lot of blueberry mousse, with notes of blackberry, sweet lemon and papaya. 
Category: Curious
Farm: Ana Sora
Producer: Israel Degfa 
Varietal: The hybrid planted at Ana Sora is 11/714 which is hybrid of local landrace
Processing: Natural
Harvested: November 2020-January 2021
Area: Guji zone
Nearest town: Yirgacheffe
Founding year: 2013
Altitude: 1900 – 2350 masl
Farm size: 250 hectares, of which 150 hectares are coffee.

Roast style: Light to medium to enhance the natural sweetness of the coffee.

We are beyond excited for the process- and drying station built at Ana Sora. And we are amazed of the processing standards!  This is the fifth year that we are buying coffee from Israel Degfa, and only the second year that the coffee at Ana Sora is processed on site, at 2350 meters! The drying beds and the process station was built at Ana Sora during our visit in November 2018. The coffee from Ana Sora represents a lot of time and energy working at the farmers gate in Ethiopia. 

About Ana Sora 
Most coffee in Ethiopia comes from cooperatives, not private farms. Working with Israels' private farms makes it easier to maintain our relationships and keep in contact with the producer. 

Seven years ago Isreal started clearing the wild forest to plant coffee plants what is now known as Ana Sora. Isreal and his team started teaching local farmers how to grow coffee, so they could expand their crops, and now there is an abundance of coffee being grown at this high altitude of up to 2350masl. Ana Sora is about 150 hectares of coffee. It is located in Yirgacheffe, in the Goji region. It is far up in the mountains and is difficult to get to by car. The local commune could not finance the building of a bridge on the road up to the farm, so Israel built a bridge and road with his team and paid for it by the company Kerchanshe. That is how Israel is, he fixes things and looks after his staff and production.  

The farm covers 250 hectares of tightly planted coffee plants, with the idea that they could shelter each other from the harsh weather, and all survive, and it seems that they are all thriving today!

Up at 2350masl it is difficult to take the picked coffee to another processing station, so Isreal took it upon himself to build their own washing station as well as drying beds, all the way up at Ana Sora. This coffee might be the highest processed coffee you ever have. Turo is a river that runs along the side of Ana Sora, and where they get their processing water from.

The cement of the fermentation tanks was drying when we were at Ana Sora in November 2018, and the pulper was being installed, and this year will be the second year we get to enjoy coffee from Ana Sora washed as well as naturally processed, all up at 2350masl!

The surrounding land of Ana Sora is populated by small holder farmers who are of Oromo ethnicity and speak mainly Oromo. Israel believes in helping those farmers with education in husbandry and financial assistance. He feels this is the only way to produce sustainable coffee in Ethiopia.

The surrounding farmers delivering to Ana Sora is being paid by cash and all of the payments are logged in the books. To pay cash they have a security house in the farm for all of the money.

Nearby Ana Sora there is a school called Yerba Buleye, which works with the farm to teach the children how to work and farm coffee. Israel also supports an orphanage school in the neighbouring village.

Installing and building 18 fermentation tanks, steady drying tables and pulping process creates a lot of work for people in the Ana Sora area. All of the workers are registered and covered by the rainforest certification.