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Amarena - Colombia

Amarena - Colombia

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A super sweet and cherry-like yellow bourbon from Angie Hernandez at Finca Los Nogales. Tasting notes of amarena cherry liquor.


Amarena Cherry
Yellow Passion Fruit


Advanced Fermentation Anaerobic, Yellow Bourbon
Altitude of 1850m
The Los Nogales farm becomes a research and innovation centre where technology and biotechnology are produced, to improve coffee production systems, pulping, benefit, drying and transport from the crops, a company that projects not only to generate a quality coffee but also technology that allows him to continue revolutionising the world of coffee as his father once did. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to create, together with his family, a company with social responsibility and commitment to the environment that seeks to sensitise the world of the countryside to implement new techniques that strengthen the life of the coffee grower and the soil. This coffee undergoes cherry oxidation for 80 hours Fermentation 200 hours acetic – lactic with addition of microorganisms.
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