Anfrara, Ethiopia

Anfrara, Ethiopia

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SIZE: 12oz 

COUNTRY:  Ethiopia
PRODUCER: Girma Eshetu
REGION: Anfrara, Adola, Guji
VARIETY: Heirloom varieties


Grilled pineapple, nectarine, champagne

  • Girma Eshetu is a man of many talents, and the owner of numerous enterprises. He manufactures pulping machines produced locally in Ethiopia, he owns and operates a coffee estate in the Keffa Zone, and a washing station in the Guji Zone.

    Our coffee selection is from this station. Sourced from 5 main farmer groups representing 98 households and 292 hectares of coffee land from the surrounding hills of Anfrara, Guji, this lot comes to us as part of Sucafina’s Lalisaa Project. Lalisaa is a term used to describe something that is flourishing and growing and this is exactly how Sucafina views their partnership with several washing stations in the Guji growing region.

    Sucafina Ethiopia provides training on agronomy best practices and helps organize farmers into groups to reduce the need of intermediaries. In addition to the farmer training, Sucafina provides training at the washing and drying stations to ensure the farmers’ hard work is processed perfectly.