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Coffee Collective

Halo, Ethiopia

Halo, Ethiopia

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Elegant and clean with fine acidity. Loral and fruity with aromas of citrus, rosemary, lychee, and peach.

Produced together with Metad

Quality Bonus 141%

Varieties Heirloom

Altitude 2,000-2,200 masl

Harvest Calendar November - January 

Process Washed 

Region Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia 

The elevation makes the temperature drop slightly in the Ethiopian highlands, and coffee cherries mature slowly, enhancing aromas, sweetness, and complexity. 

Metad is run by Aman Adinew and his two brothers. With help from young agronomists, they educate local farmers in organic practices which will further the quality of their crops. 

Shaded coffee forests surround the valley in Halo Beriti. Small farmers will bring their cherries to Metad's washing station where they are processed. 

The fruit pulp is removed leaving us with the bright, pale beans. After washing off an outer layer of fermented mucilage the beans dry for 7-10 days on raised beds. Metad is very meticulous and makes sure to turn the beans continuously resulting in a clean cup with pronounced citrusy aromas. 

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