We are SlowMov, a specialty coffee roaster and coffee shop in the heart of the cultural area in Gracia, Barcelona. We are not only passionate in serving our select coffee beans roasted in-house, but also in acting as the discussion point where people can learn, share and explore our “SlowMov Food Culture.” Our local, organic products are sourced directly from the producers all over Spain through our online platform and coffee shop. Our work is based on finding producers, visiting farms, selecting products, transforming them, and delivering the authentic stories people leave behind.

In an age where we are running without knowing where we are really going, time becomes more valuable than money. SlowMov appears as a project that offers a quality alternative with respect to the environment and its slow processes.

By working with coffee, an exotic product grown in the tropics and consumed mostly in distant countries, it generates a significant carbon footprint. As we sell more coffee , it creates a greater impact on the environment, which is a contradiction of our project. So we decided  to offset these negative effects with practices that generate less waste or reuse materials

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