Little Wolf- Adola Samii

Little Wolf- Adola Samii

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Process: washed

Tasting notes: Black Tea, lavender, delicate

Farm: Adola Samii

Producer: Aferara smallholders

Region:Guji- Ethiopia
Altitude: 2100 mals

Variety: Mixed Heirloom


Adola is loctaed in very high altiitudes in Guji and is one of our primary washing stations for several reasons. They invest in quality having a specific team that works only with the specialty they produce at the site. They basically have two production lines, one for special prep and one for the normal grades 1-3. This is also one out of 5 washing stations where the owner, Israel Degfa is creating sustainability programs and investing more in quality.

Adola is an oromifa word meaning "place of gold mining". It is a privately owned communal wetmill in Aferara, collecting and buying cherries from various smallholders. Israel is putting a lot of time and effort into increased quality and better preparation on his washing stations. We recently started to work with him both as an exporter and producer. He’s also supporting a local social project which is currently funding a local orphanage.

They are producing about 7 containers of washed coffee and about 3 containers naturals. A large majority of which is prepared and graded as Grade 1. They generally do lot separation based on 150 bags of parchment, equal to 100 bags of green.

Adola is surrouned by green and lush forest, dramatic topography and huge mountains. Adola is a large site with over 300 drying beds and many different coffee processing trials, honeys, naturals and density sorting. It is a government reserved forest.

The farmers:

Some hundred smallholder farmers deliver tiny amounts of cherries daily to the wet miller.

On average farmers have a farm size of less than 1 hectare and dost coffees are organic by default. Organic compost is common with pruning less common. A farmer can typically have less than 1500 trees per hectare, and 1 tree is typically producing cherries equal to less than 100 - 200 grams of green coffee.