Luna- Plum Pastry

Luna- Plum Pastry

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Farm: El Tesoro


Region: Palestina, Huila


Variety: Tabi


Producer: Victor Barrera


Altitude: 1750-1900m


Process: Washed

Tabi is a wonderful and weird variety, and the cup quality is amazing if you treat it right - disease resistant, and developed by the Colombia Coffee Federation, Tabi is a mash-up between Timor hybrid, Typica and Bourbon.  


Victor has bet big on this particular coffee with 4,500 Tabi trees planted on 3.5 hectares, not far from Huila’s southern border. According to Victor, the coffee pickers in the municipality prefer to pick Tabi due to its significantly longer branches making it easier to select the ripest fruit. Picking only the ripest fruit is a priority of Victor's, offering pickers COP 480 per kg on average. He claims they can bring in anywhere from 160 to 180 kg of ripe cherry per day.

Victor leaves the coffee fruit in buckets until the next day with the intention of concentrating sugars —and then sorts the cherries by density, floating them in water. Later, he de-pulps and sorts, before leaving them in fermentation for 36 hours. Typically, each lot takes 20 days to dry on raised beds.


Delicate and bright with fresh floral plum and buttery vanilla pastry vibes, this particular lot was exported with the help of our dear friends at Azahar.