Black White - Garamatui Honey

Black White - Garamatui Honey

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Gam - Ah - too -ee

We are excited to offer our first ever coffees from Uganda. This coffee comes from the Gamatui Community by Kawacom. Kawacom started in Uganda in 1999 and help build the Sipi Falls Washing station in the Eastern Part of the country on Mt Elgon. Kawacom has been doing super high quality Naturals for 3 years now and has been focusing on quality of their naturals and honey processed coffees, making them better and better each year. 

In the honey process, the cherry is kept overnight and pulped in the morning. During the drying process, the de-pulped cherries are dried slightly thicker initially to further intensify the flavor profile. The coffee is dried on raised beds that are double stacked. This coffee has a sweet body with notes of cherry, clementine, mango and honey. 

 At Black & White we love to feature producing regions that might not be on the top of the list for perceived quality, but the two coffees we received from Gamatui are stunning. This particular offering is a Red Honey process meaning that when the coffee cherry skin is removed a large amount of the fruit is left intact on the seed during the drying of the coffee.  This gives the parchment coffee a distinct reddish color, and tends to impart amazing sweet and fruity flavors to the cup. This coffee also went through an extended fermentation step in cherry before it was pulped to boost acidity in the cup. 

PRODUCER: Gamatui Community, Sipi Falls Washing Station

REGION: Kapchorwa, MT Elgon




HARVEST: November - January