Ana Sora, Ethiopia

Ana Sora, Ethiopia

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A cup full of citrus fruit. Ana Sora has an aroma of pomelo and bergamot. Flavour notes of lemon zest and black tea, with hints of papaya and white florals and a long-lasting vibrant acidity. The coffee has a juicy mouthfeel that together with the high acidity reminds us of Fanta Lemon.

Producer: Israel Degfa 
Varietal: Washed 74120 & Indigenous varietals
Processing: Natural
Harvested: January to February 2021
Area: Guji zone
Altitude: 1900 – 2350 masl

 Roast Date: 12/27

Ana Sora is the highest grown coffee we buy, at an altitutde of 2350 meters in the Guji region. That makes the coffee cherries mature slower, but also it takes longer for the coffee beans to ferment and to dry on the drying tables. The altitude gives the coffee lots of acidity and vibrancy on its own and being the washed version of Ana Sora you can expect the citrus fruits to really pop.