Airuma, Brazil

Airuma, Brazil

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Origin: Chapada Diamantina, Brazil
Variety: red catuaí 
Process: pulped natural
Producer: Borré family
Relationship length: since 2015

Praline and cooked apple with hazelnut
Airumá is a micro-lot coffee from our long-time producing partners, the Borré family. The family migrated from Southern Brazil to Bahia state in the mid-1980s and established Progresso farm. At that time, their agricultural focus was soybeans, wheat and, most successfully, potatoes.

Recognising that the region’s relatively high altitudes, plentiful rainfall and rich soil would be conducive to coffee production, the family shifted their focus to specialty coffee in 2005. Since then, the youngest son, Fabiano, has directed their coffee program – researching best agricultural practices, investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure, assembling a talented team, and engaging experts in the field as advisors in order to ensure the coffee is always of the highest quality.

All this hard work and dedication has paid off; the family now produces a stunning and diverse line-up of sweet, complex and easy-drinking coffees every single year.