Color Coffee Roasters is a craft coffee company with a roastery and coffee bar in Eagle, Colorado.  Founded in 2016, Color Roasters is focused on providing world-class coffee to the beautiful Vail Valley with a fanatical attention to quality, careful craftsmanship, innovative techniques, and focused simplicity.  

What started as a home coffee roasting project, has evolved into a quest to share our discoveries with the world.  The quest has been realized at our flagship location in the beautiful high desert mountain town of Eagle, CO.  Here, Color roasts coffee on our state-of-the-art roaster from Germany.  In addition to in-house roasted coffee we also serve tea from Song Tea, craft beer from artisan brewers, natural & organic wine, baked goods baked fresh in-house, and a rotating menu of seasonally crafted signature beverages.  

In the seed of the coffee cherry, you will find ripe fruit flavors of various colors.  From the luscious dark red fruit flavors of Guatemalan coffees to the bright tropical flavors of coffees from the Guji region in Ethiopia, to the caramelized sugar flavor of Colombian coffees, our coffees are meant to be COLORful.  Our coffee is sourced and roasted to showcase the complexity and sweetness of coffee.

We value the craft of coffee.  From seed to cup, we love working tirelessly to bring you the most delicious product possible.  We don't stop there either because we believe coffee can be better.  That's why we work night and day on our craft.  Whether it's reading coffee blogs on our day off about grind size particle distribution graphs or staying late after our shifts to work on a new pour design, we are endlessly committed to our craft.

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