Sweetgreen takes controlling interest in LA coffee chain Dayglow. Announces plans to open 50 Sweetglow locations.

We are excited to officially join the Sweetgreen family. Our team has long been admirers of Sweetgreen and its revolutionary approach to transparent and nutrient dense food. Coming from California and amidst the pandemic, we found ourselves asking what the future of coffee is. We saw an opportunity to grow that only could be fulfilled with the right support. “They just get it.” CEO Tohm Ifergan noted when asked about the acquisition. “Dayglow has always had a dynamic growth projection as a player in D2C. However when the opportunity presented itself, we couldn’t think of a better company to work with. We see it less as an acquisition and more of a natural growth for our brand.”

At Sweetglow, we plan to invest in local coffee farming and develop beverages with the same sustainability and quality standard perfected by Sweetgreen. “Transparency has always been key for Sweetgreen.” says Nicholas Jammet, Co Founder. “We see great growth in California at the farm level. There’s potential for real sustainability in coffee for the next generation.”

In the coming months we will slowly begin to transition current Dayglow stores with plans for more locations coming soon.

Until then you can find Sweetglow beverages at a Sweetgreen near you. Thank you for being a part of our Dayglow journey thus far. We can’t wait to glow with you soon.