Our switch to UPS

In the last two months we have experienced the most significant delays/lost packages in our history at the hands of USPS. 

As a small business, we rely on them so heavily due to their affordable rates. To put it simply- UPS charges avg $5 more a package. That’s significant and makes it more difficult to sustain an inclusive shipping operation. 

However, the main difference is 192(!) lost packages In the last year by USPS. Almost all with no recourse because of the way they scan in packages. Most customers are left with an “accepted” or “in transit” note and USPS will simply state they never received packages. They will then not respond to claim forms or deny them due to staffing issues  

This is devastating for multiple reasons but mostly for us it’s our customers. We hate that we invest so heavily to get coffees fresh from over seas within 2 days to then see it stuck in some sorting facility for a month. That sucks. It makes customers unsure of who to blame.  

So for this reason we have moved all our subscriptions for February to UPS and switched our Free Shipping rules ( $75 min and Free Subscriber codes to be added to next shipment.) Even if it costs us more now, hopefully it means less people without coffee.

Thank you all for the support and understanding. We hope this is only temporary and USPS can get some needed funding to literally get the support they desperately need.