Coffee Review- Methodical Guji

In recent years, the name Guji has become synonymous with quality in the coffee world.  Every day throughout the United States, coffee shop patrons walk into their local shops and roasters happy to see coffee from this exciting region on the shelves.  Dozens of roasters carry coffee from Guji in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, and for good reason; the delightful Heirloom coffee tends to offer citrus and floral notes that often make the light-bodied coffee reminiscent of an earl grey tea.

Naturally, once I received a bag of Methodical’s Guji, I was excited.  I took it to work at the coffee shop on a day we happened to be cupping coffee samples from a variety of roasters.  My fellow baristas and I stacked it against three other washed Ethiopian coffees (one of them being another from Guji).  Methodical’s Guji has the characteristics you might expect from the coffee: it’s intensely aromatic, floral, and there is a strong citrus note.  Compared to the other Ethiopian coffees, this coffee is particularly interesting because the lemon note is especially prevalent.  If I had to guess the coffee’s origin based on flavor alone, I would have thought it was a Kenyan.  The strong lemon acidity matched with the floral sweetness gives the coffee an almost lemonade-like quality.  

After cupping the coffee, I made a V60 pour-over and thoroughly enjoyed the coffee’s delicate complexities and it’s balanced body.  This Guji doesn’t fall into the pitfall other light roasted African coffees often fall into.  The coffee is well developed.  It is just dark enough to taste sweet and pleasant with a slight caramel character, yet it doesn’t taste roast-y or baked at all.  

On days I’m not in the shop, I’ve been making the coffee at home before going about my day. One morning, I made a large Kalita Wave pour-over for my wife and I.  I preferred this cup over the one brewed on the V60 because the Kalita brought out the coffees present body that balanced out the delicate notes.  If you prefer a bit of cream in your coffee, then this coffee made with a flat-bottomed brewer would work well because the full-body wouldn’t be drowned out by the dairy.  

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this coffee each time I’ve brewed it; it’s pleasant from the start to end of the mug.  I think you’ll enjoy it as well, and find it to be an exciting example of washed coffee from Guji.

-Eric Gulley